Description and goals of PLUME-FEATHER

PLUME - FEATHER was created to Promote economicaL, Useful and Maintained softwarE For the Higher Education And THE Research communities. The site references software, mainly Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) from French universities and national research organisations, (CNRS, INRA...), laboratories or departements. Plume means feather in French.

The main goals of PLUME - FEATHER:

  • promote the community's own developments,
  • contribute to the developement and sharing FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) information, experiences and expertise in the community,
  • bring together FLOSS experts and knowledgeable people to create a community,
  • foster and facilitate FLOSS use, deployment and contribution in the higher education and the research communities.

PLUME - FEATHER was initiated by the CNRS unit UREC. The UREC unit has been recently integrated to the CNRS computing division DSI. The different resources are provided by the main partners involved in the project.

The French PLUME server (which presents more than 1000 software index cards) is online since November 2007, and the first English pages have been published in April 2009. Currently there are 116 software index cards in the PLUME-FEATHER server.

This English server focus on software developed by PLUME - FEATHER partners - French research laboratories or universities - and presents descriptive index cards written by researchers, professors or computer scientists.

You can have a look at this document for a presentation in English of PLUME-FEATHER.