PST-Cox : PSTricks library for drawing 2D-projections of regular complex polytopes

This software was developed (or is under development) within the higher education and research community. Its stability can vary (see fields below) and its working state is not guaranteed.
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  • Creation or important update: 18/04/13
  • Minor correction: 18/04/13
  • Index card author: Teresa Gomez-Diaz (LIGM)
  • Theme leader: Véronique Baudin (LAAS)
General software features

PST-Cox is a library of LaTeX macros allowing to draw 2D-projections of regular complex polytopes. Regular complex polytopes are hyperplane arrangements satisfying certain constraints, and whose automorphism graphs are generated by pseudo-reflections (complex reflections). These objects generalize the classical Platonic solids.

Context in which the software is used

This software is used to illustrate research results (see references).

Publications related to software
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