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elle : numerical simulation of the evolution of rock microstructures

This software was developed (or is under development) within the higher education and research community. Its stability can vary (see fields below) and its working state is not guaranteed.
  • Web site
  • System:
  • Current version: 2.5 - 16/12/2007
  • License(s): GPL
  • Status: validated (according to PLUME), stable release
  • Support: maintained, ongoing development
  • Designer(s): Mark Jessell, Lynn Evans, Paul Bons, Sandra Piazolo, Daniel Khoen
  • Contact designer(s): mark.jessell@ird.fr
  • Laboratory, service: LMTG, Mayence, Aachen, Stockholm, Melbourne, Maine


General software features

Simulation of :

  • grain boundary migration,
  • viscous flow,
  • plasticity,
  • formation and evolution of sub-grains,
  • fracturing,
  • diffusion,
  • partial melts
  • shrinkage cracks
  • metamorphic processes
  • etc…
Context in which the software is used

Research and teaching.

Publications related to the software
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