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  • Creation or important update: 28/05/10
  • Minor correction: 28/05/10

NEMO : numerical platform for ocean modelling (dynamics, sea-ice and biogeochemistry)

This software was developed (or is under development) within the higher education and research community. Its stability can vary (see fields below) and its working state is not guaranteed.
  • Web site
  • System: UNIX-like
  • Current version: nemov3_2 - FĂ©vrier 2009
  • License(s): CeCILL
  • Status: validated (according to PLUME), stable release
  • Support: maintained, ongoing development
  • Designer(s): Members of the NEMO European Consortium. At this date: CNRS, Mercator OcĂ©an, Met-Office, NERC/NOCS
  • Contact designer(s): Equipe Système NEMO: nemo_st"at"
  • Laboratory, service: LOCEAN


General software features

Nemo is a software used for oceanographic research, operationnal oceanography, medium-range weather forecasting and climate studies. It is composed of:

  • 4 main components :
    • the "blue" ocean (dynamics, NEMO-OPA)
    • the "white" ocean (sea-ice, NEMO-LIM)
    • the "green" ocean (marine biogeochemistry, NEMO-TOP)
    • the data assimilation component (including linear-tangent and adjoint models, NEMO-TAM)
  • a component for grid refinement and nesting (AGRIF) ;
  • Some reference configurations allowing to install the model and to validate developments and new applications ;
  • A set of scripts and tools (including pre- and post-processing).

NEMO is used for research in oceanography at various space and time scales, for operational oceanography and forecasts, and, coupled to atmospheric model, for seasonal forecasts and climate sudies (IPCC).

NEMO is :

  • in evolution(following scientific progress),
  • shared (the NEMO web site gives access to the shared "reference" code and its history),
  • reliable (evolutions are validated before implementation within the shared reference).

For more informations, see fiche PLUME de logiciel validé sur NEMO...

Context in which the software is used

Today, NEMO is used in a few countries (list of projects using NEMO), and moreover by a large variety of projects, which contributes to its reliability, and its capacity to evolve and improve.

NEMO is used by:

  • oceanographic research to improve ocean knowledge ;
  • operational oceanography, including ocean forecasts (Mercator-OcĂ©an in France, UKMO in Great-Britain, DFO in Canada, INGV in Italy and the MyOcean european project of GMES in Europe) ;
  • seasonnal forecasts(ECMWF) climate studies (including the climate prediction of IPCC).

To use/ and or particpate to development of NEMO:

Publications related to the software

Users documentation (after registration on the NEMO web site :

  • Users guide
  • Reference manuals

List of publications (regular updates):