Stochastic Downscaling Method

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  • Creation or important update: 13/02/10
  • Minor correction: 22/03/10

Stochastic Downscaling Method : downscaling stochastic method for computational fluid dynamics

This software was developed (or is under development) within the higher education and research community. Its stability can vary (see fields below) and its working state is not guaranteed.
  • Web site
  • System: UNIX-like
  • Current version: 0.5 - Janvier 2010
  • Status: under development
  • Support: maintained, ongoing development
  • Designer(s): F. Bernardin, M. Bossy, C. Chauvin and A. Rousseau
  • Contact designer(s): Antoine Rousseau (Mail, personal page)
  • Laboratory, service: INRIA, INRIA Grenoble, INRIA Sophia, LJK, CETE (Clermont-Ferrand)


General software features

This software is written in Fortran95. It is aimed to be used as a downscaling module for an existing software, as for example for a numerical weather forecaster. The inputs of SDM are :

  • the volume of interest (3D domain, for example an embedded sub-domain of an existing one)
  • the desired resolution inside this volume
  • the 3D velocity field of the fluid at the boundary of the domain
  • optional : other physical quantities if the model carries more than the 3D velocity (temperature, salinity, etc.)

The outputs are the fluid velocity (and other fields, depending on the inputs), inside the 3D domain, at the desired resolution, together with the turbulent kinetic energy.

Context in which the software is used

This software is a research tool that is made to compare probabilistic Langevin models to traditional techniques of mesh refinement (AMR, etc.). It is developed both by TOSCA and MOISE project-teams at INRIA, and is aimed to be used by the developers, together with a few physicists from the dynamic meteorology lab (LMD, Paris) for its validation on real cases.

Publications related to the software

The following publications are associated to SDM:

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