Conference FOSSA - Grenoble - 8-10 nov 2010

Conference FOSSA - Grenoble - 8-10 nov 2010

La seconde conférence FOSSa (Free Open Source Academia Conference), FOSSA2010, se tiendra à Grenoble du 8 au 10 novembre 2010. PLUME est partenaire de cet événement.

Consultez le site de la conférence pour avoir le programme.

L'inscription est gratuite mais obligatoire, sur la page d'inscription.

Extrait du site Web :

The goal of fOSSa (Free Open Source Academia Conference) is to reaffirm the underlying values of open source software: innovation & research in software development. The first edition aimed at providing valuable information about the open Source model at large (Benefits, Business Models, Legal Issues, Quality...), the second edition will focus on specific aspect we feel are key in a renovation of FOSS: Development, innovation & research, Community management & promotion, Public sector, Education.

This conference is achieving a prominent role in the Free Open Source Software arena year by year.

The current debates between Google and Oracle demonstrate the crucial rolethat open source software is playing nowadays in information andcommunication technologies.

At the same time, looking at the major software organizations only, theevolution of open source software appears incomplete, since this modelis spreading rapidly on an ever-growing number of territories. TheArduino project, which is open source applied to hardware, is a clear example.

Considering the strategic actions that the most important industries areundertaking nowadays, after having understood the important role thatopen source software is playing in their business, the second edition of fOSSa conference presents this phenomenon as a new social paradigm. It aims at answering the following questions:

  • How does open source software work? 
  • How can we build its future, creating a common useful ecosystem, supported by academia, industry and citizens?

fOSSa 2010 will welcome various European decision makers and well-known free software organizations, such as Apache, Arduino, Debian, Gnome, Eclipse Foundation, Mozilla, Ubuntu, Engineering Group, Fraunhofer Fokus, Irill, Plume, QualiPSo and FossBazaar. Moreover, the conference includes several workshops, such as install parties and demos.