Conférence FOSSA - Lille - 4 -6 déc 2012

Conférence FOSSA - Lille - 4 -6 déc 2012

La quatrième conférence FOSSa (Free Open Source Academia Conference), FOSSA2012, se tiendra à Lille du 4 au 6 décembre 2012.

Consultez le site de la conférence pour avoir le programme (Tracks).

L'inscription est gratuite.

Extrait du site Web :

This year, the conference will address:

  • Education (Resp. Ivaylo Ganchez)
  • IRILL (Resp. Roberto Di Cosmo)
  • History of the Free Software/Open Source mouvement (Resp. Christophe Masutti & Alexis Kaufmann)
  • Movie: 'Revolution OS? (wonderful movie! open to a large public)
  • Digital Native Generation (Resp. Stephane Frenot & Stephane Grumbach)
  • Openness: Open Arts and Open Hardware (Resp. Jérome Copin)
  • Licences: No lawers, No councels, only return on experience (Resp. Gabriele Ruffatti)
  • Communities: Community management has never been so easy (Resp. Stephane Ribas)
  • Workshops: Many code developement training sessions are scheduled as for example Gnome, Mozilla, LibreOffice, Pharo, SpagoBI, etc.

Each topic will end up with a debate (What are the issues that faces OSS today, What about data concentration made in the US & China, What are the good practices in Licencing...)