Partners and supporters of PLUME-FEATHER

PLUME-FEATHER is headed by the DSI, the computing division of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research, a French government-funded research organisation). The resources come from the French communities of higher education (universities and colleges) and research (laboratories or research institutions) and it is open to everyone.

The contributors (950 authors or reviewers of French or English software index cards) also come from the French universities and research organisations. In the folloging list you can find the entities (organisations, universities, laboratories...) that officially support PLUME and that are the partners with major contributions. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner. Not all contributors' laboratories or universities are listed here, but only official partners.

Project holder

  • DSI (CNRS): 2 part time engineers for the project coordination, and the editorial, executive and steering committees. And 1 part time engineer for technical activities.

Project supporters and official partners

Partners supporting this project with their major contributions


Other entities supporting this project

  • CERTOP (CNRS, Toulouse University)
  • CESR (CNRS, Toulouse III University)
  • ISH (CNRS, Lyon 2 University, ENS Lyon)
  • LAGA (CNRS, Paris 13 University)
  • LAREMA (CNRS, Angers University)
  • LPSC (CNRS, UJF, Grenoble INP)
  • MAP (CNRS, Culture and communication Ministry)
  • LJK (CNRS, INPGrenoble, INRIA, Univ. J. Fourrier, UPMF)
  • MI2S (CNRS, Grenoble INP, UJF)


Other contributions

PLUME-FEARTHER contributors come from numerous entities, they aren't added to this list.